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Bevel Gear Boxes

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Bevel Gear Boxes

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Bevel Gearboxes: ATEK GmbH Germany
Ideal for use even with high loading, these gearboxes have a sturdy grey cast iron housing, hardened bevel gears lapped in pairs with spiral toothing and amply dimensioned anti-friction bearings for optimum running quietness and a high degree of transmission accuracy.

Spiral bevel gears have the benefit of very favourable meshing characteristics (meaning a high contact ratio) and curved teeth considerably more resistant to distortion than straight or helical teeth. A further benefit of these gearboxes is their relative insensitivity to elastic distortion of wheels, shafts and bearings. ATEK bevel gearboxes are thus able to transmit even extreme shock loads. Twelve different standard models are available. 22 further variations are possible as multi-shaft gearboxes. ATEK bevel gearboxes are lubricated for life and maintenance free. They can be used in all operating positions and can be provided with mounting holes on all sides. Covers and flanges are generally provided with mounting holes.

The following standard transmission ratios are available: 1 - 1.5 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 and 6:1. All transmission ratios are mathematically precise. The gearboxes can be used for gearing down and gearing up. Special transmission ratios are available. Please enquire for further information.

All gearboxes are available as a complete drive with electric motors or suitable for attachment of IEC motors.

The following are available from the modular system :

• Free drive and output shafts with keys
• Smooth drive and output shafts
• Reinforced versions
• Hollow shafts with keyway
• Hollow shafts with spline or polygonal profile
• Hollow shafts with shrink-disc connection
• Corrosion-resistant gearboxes for the chemical and food industries
• Low-backlash version
• NOTOX lubrication

AdServo Gearboxes-

AdServo Gearboxes

Precision Worm Gearbox For Servo Motor

AdServo Gearboxes

Precision Bevel Gearbox for Servo motors

ATEK's AdServo gearboxes were developed specifically for use in servomotors and tailored to the requirements of highly dynamic cyclic operation – even in 24-hour continuous use. Their strengths come to the fore particularly when they are used as drives in linear axis systems.

The high production quality of ATEK AdServo gearboxes, the use of high-strength materials and lubrication for life ensure outstandingly quiet operation, low maintenance requirements and long life. Cast metal housings ensure absolute stiffness and quiet running of the entire drive chain. Despite the space-saving and compact design, drive speeds of up to 6800 rpm are permissible. Integral transmission ratios furthermore permit divisible resolution ratios of the timer pulse rates.

The basis for ATEK AdServo gearboxes are our proven bevel and worm gearboxes, which are distinguished by their low backlash and high efficiency.

The high torsional rigidity and low circumferential backlash also make the AdServo gearbox very precise to position. For the first time, it is also possible to set infinitely and precisely the circumferential backlash in the SC series in the installed state.

Thanks to their very compact design, ATEK AdServo gearboxes represent an optimum unit with the servomotor. The axial plug-on, backlash-free and shock-absorbing clamp coupling without key is the ideal link between the motor and the gearbox. It ensures problem-free attachment and time-saving removal from all servomotors. All sizes and models are available in the transmission ratios 1:1 to 6:1 (in the VC version) and 6:1 to 32:1 (in the SC version).

They can be used in any installation configuration. The AdServo gearbox is available – depending on application and model – in the low-backlash version from one to ten arc minutes. Accordingly, the spiral bevel gear sets are selected lapped, HPGS-geared, ground or in pairs.

A variety of output shaft options are available: hollow shafts with keyways or with shrink-disc in place of the keyway, output shafts with or without keyways in various diameters per gearbox size. Heavy-duty taper roller bearings and generously dimensioned output shafts ensure excellent torsional rigidity.

The modular construction of our bevel gearboxes makes it possible to produce a wide range of design variants. The dimensions are the same as those of the standard versions. With the exception of i = 1:1, all transmission ratios are available.