Helical Geared Motors

TAS-Schäfer‘s TAS-FKE rigid flange couplings are stronger, less complex and have better corrosion protection than their predecessors. Here is an insight into the development process.

The flange couplings of the exis-ting FK series from TAS-Schäfer are getting old and adaptations to permanent growing requirements are limited. In addition, the proven design is now also offered by various manufacturers in a similar form. Reason enough for TAS-Schäfer to start a new development. With the design of the FK series TAS often faced some limitations that had to be eliminated or circumvented. Not all applications could be implemen- ted with the existing coupling sys- tem. This finally led to the decision to develop a new product line.

The new product should be able to replace the existing FK series com- pletely, thereby eliminating their disadvantages as good as possible, but keep their strengths at the same time. In order to achieve this goal, feed- back from users as well as technical requirements of various projects were collected and evaluated over the years. Additional to many desi- red detail improvements, the custo- mers have also paid special atten- tion to the high demands of the use.

Helical Geared Motors

Use on heavy drives of large conveyor belts
The largest field of application of such couplings is the connection of heavy drives to large conveyors, as used in the extraction of raw materials and for the transport of e.g. ores and coal. In addition, the couplings are used for stirring systems, in hydropower or for attaching of huge brake discs.

Performance improvement confirmed
A first medium-sized prototype has been de- signed, manufactured and tested. He fulfilled all expectations. At the same time, the requi- rements for the new development of the FKE series were validated in cooperation with a major user of such couplings and the results were convincing as well. FEA analyses which were carried out by an external computatio- nal specialist also demonstrated the expec- ted performance improvement. In the mean- time, the new FKE flange coupling has been successfully used in various projects.

Exposed to high loads
The load on the components is high and they are often exposed to unfavourable environ- mental conditions. Therefore, the couplings must be robust and durable. From these data, TAS-Schäfer derived the most impor- tant technical requirements for a new deve- lopment:

• Higher load capacity (bending)
• Better corrosive protection
• Improved handling
• Compatibility with the FK series

A higher load capacity was achieved by op- timizing the geometries and changing the load distribution within the system. The im- provement is between 70% and 115% - in re- lation to the old FK series. This means that in many cases, a reduction of the product size is possible, which leads to cost advantages. In addition, many solutions of other own products could be transferred to the new development. An example of this is the new- ly developed clamping tool for the TAS-FKE series, which is mainly based on the know- ledge from the hydraulic shrink disk TAS-SHS. The first test of the hydraulic tool exceeded expectations. The installation time of a me- dium-sized flange half could be reduced to a minimum. The otherwise required time of about 140 minutes for clamping the shrink disk was shortened with the hydraulic tool to just below twelve minutes. The tool can be removed and is therefore reusable.