Helical Geared Motors Helical Geared Motors

Established in 1987, today we are one of the leading manufacturers of Geared Motors, Rotary vibrators and Mechanical Speed Variators in India.

Our client list consists of Who’s Who of Indian Industry, Many OEM’S have standardized Shakti’s products on their equipments.

Geared motors and Gearboxes are available in single, double, triple and quadruple reductions. We manufacture gear combinations like Heli-Worm, Hollow shaft etc. We specialize in developing Geared Motors and Gearboxes as per customer’s requirements and drawings.

SHREE SHAKTI Geared motors are designed to provide, a most efficient economical and compact drive for low speed applications. It is a most compact combination of an electric motor (A.C. or D.C.) and a gear box (helical, worm or epicyclic ) converting the high speed of the prime mover to low speed with maximum efficiency. These units are manufactured under the supervision of trained, technical personel, with strict quality control, and with latest technical knowhow.

SHREE SHAKTI Geared Motors and Gear Boxes are available in single, Double, Triple and Quadruple reductions. Combination gear units such as Heliworm, Hollow shaft etc., are also manufactured. They are available in foot, foot cum flange flange, Agitator type of Mounting. The opposite page illustrates some of these designs.

The motor body, end covers, gear boxes are manufactured from close grained cast iron. All the gears and pinions are made out of top grade special alloy steels, which are heat treated and lapped for long life and silent running. The ball/roller bearing used are of good quality and are suitable for heavy duty application. The input and output shafts are of high quality steel. For low speeds, the motor shaft has integral pinion and the shaft is made out of special alloy steel.

The Electric Motor is designed for trouble free, economical performance. It seals off the input side of the gear box. Normally it is totally enclosed, fan cooled, continuously rated, Class B insulation operating on 400/440 volts, 3 phase, 50 cycles A. C. supply as per I. S.: 325 Class F or H insulation, IP 55 enclosure etc. can be offered.

The lubrication of bearings gears, pinions is achieved by splash lubrication which provides ample and positive flow to all of them. Oil leakage is prevented due to the provision of oil seals. No special care is needed except periodic topping up of the lubricating oil seals. No special care is needed except periodic topping up of the lubricating oil to the required level.

SHREE SHAKI GEARED MOTORS are warranteed for Twelve Months against any manufacturing defects.