Hydraulic Shrink Disc

TAS –Schafer –Germany GmbH is Patented Manufacturer of Premium Quality Hydraulic Shrink Disc. The Product quality is certified by EN ISO -9001: 2000 Germany.

It is a device which locks the Shaft with the Hub for further manufacturing activity. These are meant for highly stressed Shaft –Hub Connections. This was earlier done by the age old Key –Way system of locking.

In a Key way system a slot has to be made on the Shaft as well as on the Hub and a key (metal piece) has to be inserted between slots on Shaft and Hub in order to lock both, so that they rotate together. This process involves machining the Shaft and the Hub, inserting the key, then, hammering the Shaft in the Hub with the key or vice versa.

Hydraulic Shrink Disc: Is very useful where, Shaft diameters are large i.e. above 150 mm. In such cases it is very difficult & cumbersome and also costly to carry out Key-way milling on such large diameter shafts, even if it is done, it is cumbersome to mount the part on such large diameter shafts.

Here, an Hydraulic Shrink Disc can be easily mounted. This Disc requires just 5% oil in water emulsion and needs barely 170 -200 bar pressure to loosen / tighten the bolts. This can be achieved by a good quality hand-pump. Hence costly power-packs are eliminated. In future if the Shaft and the Hub needs to be separated from each other for repairs etc. It can be simply done by loosening of bolts. It saves lots of time and energy, and it also can be reused.

The Mounting & Dismounting can be done at site. These Discs are presently available for 165 mm to 640mm shaft diameters, other Sizes on request.

Features and benefits include: Dynamic and impact loading, ease of installation, assembly and disassembly, capable of transmitting high torques and axial loads, precise positioning and adjustments negligible notch effect.

Uses are for: Shaft mounted gear units, Crane wheels, Conveyor pulleys, Mixer shafts, Pump impellers, Bucket wheels, Wind mill propellers, Drum connections for belt conveyors, Sprockets, Ship & Aircraft Propellers, Turbine rotors, Cold forming presses. Hydraulic Shrink discs are so far, mostly used in Windmill Industry, where the shaft diameters are huge. Amongst Others, TAS- Germany has further introduced Newly Developed Hydraulic Shrink Disc for Windmills!

TAS -SCHAFER GERMANY, introduces newly developed Hydraulic Shrink Disc for Windmills. Type SHS -360 OS and SHS- 530 OS based on well proven 2 cone (double –cone) design of TAS Schafer GmbH. The tapered surfaces are between 70 and 100. As a consequence high loading pressure on shaft / hollow –shaft can be achieved by only a small stroke. Hydraulic clamping pressure is approx. 300 bar. The surfaces for frictional force transmission are strictly separated from the oil polluted areas. Oil or 3-5% oil in water can be used for clamping!

After positioning the shrink disc on the hollow –shaft, hydraulic clamping begins. On reaching the necessary pump pressure, the locking ring drops from between the two outer rings, locking the shrink disc in position. Hydraulic pressure can be released: the shrink disc remains clamped.

Pump pressure is increased up to the targeted pressure. Locking ring can be removed. If pressure is released, the shrink disc moves back into the starting position due to the 70 – 100 angle of the tapered surfaces. The disc can be removed from the hollow shaft.

Advantages :
Simple and fast mounting; no additional tools required.
Locking is done in a mechanical manner, therefore no temperature dependence.

The TAS SHS range of hydraulic shrink discs, have been successfully used by the wind industry (windmill) in large numbers for many years, proving to be a reliable product.