Keyless Couplings
Keyless Couplings

TAS –SCHAFER GERMANY, Introduces Shaft Couplings for the Indian Market :

TAS- Schafer – Germany -GmbH is one of the leading manufactures of Premium Quality Shaft Couplings. The product quality is certified by EN ISO-9001: 2000 – Germany.

It is a device which locks the Shaft with the Hub for further manufacturing activity. These are meant for highly stressed Shaft –Hub Connections. This was earlier done by the age old Key –Way system of locking.

Shaft Couplings ensure an absolutely rigid connection of Shafts and high accuracy of alignment.

These couplings are available in the ranges of TAS Shaft Coupling type WK, W, WLA, TAS Flange Coupling type FK, connection flange to (FK) RAG- standard, Adaptor –Flange Connection Hagglunds motors.

The Assembly and Disassembly instructions are provided in details in the Company Manual.

The Shaft couplings are supplied assembled and are ready to mount. The sizes range from WK = 24 mm dia to 500mm dia , W = 10mm Dia to 260mm dia. WLA = 13mm dia to 260mm dia, Flange FK type = 70mm dia to 300mm dia, (FK) Rag Standard = 95mm dia 270mm dia., Flange connection for Hagglunds Motors = 70mm dia to 210mm dia.

Uses are for: Shaft mounted gear units, Crane wheels, Conveyor pulleys, Mixer shafts, Pump impellers, Bucket wheels, Wind mill propellers, Drum connections for belt conveyors, Sprockets, Ship & Aircraft Propellers, Turbine rotors, Cold forming presses. Hydraulic Shrink discs are so far, mostly used in Windmill Industry , where the shaft diameters are huge.