Mechanical Speed Variators ( BEIER VARIATOR )


The BEIER VARIATORÒ in an adjustable speed traction drive through an ingenious frictional transmission mechanism using multiple metal discs. The adjustable speed traction drive was invented by Dr. Joseph Beier
(b. 1903, Austria) Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd quickly noticed this speed drive, and was working to start production of this speed drive in Japan, believing it would be an important companion product to CYCLO DRIVE.
After studying the development of BEIER VARIATOR for many years, Sumitomo entered into a tie-up with HIVAG Corporation in Liecthenstein, to which Dr. Beier belonged, and began production in Japan in 1952. Production outpaced the high economic growth rate enjoyed throughout Japan during this time. By 1990 total production of BEIER VARIATOR had over 500,000.

Since Sumitomo first started producing BEIER VARIATOR, the company has designed a variety of complementary products and control devices to meet a wide diversity of customer needs. BEIER VARIATOR is currently the most advanced adjustable speed traction drive produced, and serve hundreds of industries throughout the world.


1) Heavy load capacity: The contact pressure is relatively low, since power transmission is evenly distributed over many contact points. This results in excellent shock load resistance.

2) Large overload resistance: At the points of contact, an ideal boundary lubrication nearing fluid film friction is obtained. The BEIER can withstand momentary shock or heavy overload and still not break the oil film chick would result in metallic contact.

3) Long life: Metallic contact is avoided by maintaining a constant oil film, between the discs, thus minimizing wear of discs. This unique design results in long life and low maintenance costs. There is virtually no wear, and no grooving or fretting corrosion.

4) High efficiency: A BEIER VARIATOR is designed to minimize slip through maintaining proper contact pressure under varying load conditions, thus ensuring peak efficiency and Speed regulation.

5) Space saving compactness: The power transmitting section is composed of thin metallic discs. This feature enable space-saving compactness, while transmitting high torque. E-type BEIER VARIATOR in particular is compact designed for a type of the exclusive use for Small-size driven equipment. Moreover, the development of the world’s smallest Industrial AC motor, the F series, has further reduced the motor sizes with Capacities of 0.1kW to 11kW.

5) Speed adjustment: Speed are infinitely adjustable within the speed range. Settings remain stable, even over long periods of time.

6) Minimum vibration: The rotation parts including the discs are completely symmetrized, and the moment of inertia is low. This assures almost vibrationless operation.

7) Concentric shafts arrangement: The input and output shafts are configured concentrically for easy handling for easy handling and installation.

8) Versatillity: A wide product range covered by standard models and applied products will meet diversified customer requirements.

9) Large capacity: With a capacity of 150kW, BEIER VARIATOR is the highest capacity mechanical speed drive of its kind in the world.

10) Speed variation at low speed area: A wide range of speeds in achieved in the low speed zone by combining a BEIER BEIER VARIATOR and a CYCLO DRIVE.

11) Easy speed control: A handle is provided to help you achieve fast, accurate speed control during load operation.

12) Sophisticated control functions: Sophisticated control is achieved by combining Sumitomo’s new, completely digital speed setter SP-20D with various remote control systems.