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TAS-SCHAFER GmbH founded in 1962, now introduces Premium Quality Locking Devices. TAS-SCHAFER is one of the leading brands & are re-nowned for Quality. The product quality is certified by EN-ISO 9001 :2000.

TAS-SCHAFER has State Of The Art CNC manufacturing facility at Wetter, Wengern Germany. These Locking Devices are made from premium Quality Alloy Steel with Efficient manufacturing process and thourough testing and inspection to ensure world class quality.

TAS-SCHAFER has acquired Patent for HYDRAULIC SHRINK DISC most ideal for large dia shafts 165 mm onwards.

The locking devices eliminates machining of the Keyway on shaft and the Hub, hammering is not required any more, The international lockinq Devices are inserted between Shaft and the Hub only by tightening of bolts, with this, both gets locked with each other by transmission friction and rotates together. They are a superior solution for mounting, repositioning and removing components, more securely and conveniently on a shaft than with Keyways, Setscrews and Locknuts.

In future if the Shaft and the Hub needs to be separated from each other for repairs etc. It can simply be done by loosening of bolts. It saves lots of time and energy, and it also can be re-used. This is difficult with the age old Key way system; it requires lot of physical effort (like hammering etc.) and time to separate the Shaft and the Hub.

The locking devices avoids backlash that is sometimes encountered with keyed connections. They allow generous tolerances on Shafts and Hubs. Features and benefits include: Superior performance against reversing; dynamic and impact loading; ease of installation, assembly and disassembly; capable of transmitting high torques and axial loads; precise positioning and adjustments; wide variety of sizes and styles.

Uses are for : Shaft mounted gear units, Crane wheels, Conveyor pulleys, Mixer shafts, Pump impellers, Bucket wheels, Wind mills, Drum connections for belt conveyors, Sprockets, Chain wheels, Ship & Aircraft Propellers, Turbine rotors, Cold forming presses, and many more.

Sizes: from 20mm dia shaft to 1000 mm dia shaft. Standard as well as Non standard made to order sizes. Further sizes on request.


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